Author Topic: 2014 Donruss Hobby Box Break  (Read 1097 times)


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2014 Donruss Hobby Box Break
« on: March 29, 2014, 04:14:55 AM »
I was pretty skeptical of this release going in.  I remember all too well the mess that was 2010 Upper Deck, when they tried releasing an unlicensed set.  This set, as well as that one, was licensed with the players association, but not with Major League Baseball.  Topps currently has an exclusive license with Major League Baseball, so they are the only company able to include team names and logos in their sets.  In this release, the teams are referred to only by their city name, and on many cards, the logos have been airbrushed off the images. 

The base set consists of 200 cards, and once again features old friends such as Diamond Kings and Rated Rookies, each of which are short printed.  Among the many insert sets are "The Rookies" with a design reminiscent of the 1988 release, and Team MVPs similar to the 1989 design.

The box contains 24 packs of 8 cards each.  It is advertised to include two autographs and one game gear card per box.

170 Base (and 15 Duplicates) for 85% of the set.
2 Gold Press Proof parallels
1 Silver Press Proof parallel
2 Career Stat Line parallel
2 Breakout Hitters
2 Breakout Pitchers
2 Hall Worthy
1 No-No
3 Power Plus
1 Team MVP
2 The Rookies
1 5x7 Diamond King Box Topper
1 Elite Dominator
1 The Elite Series
2 Game Gear Relic Cards
2 Donruss Signatures

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